31 Side Project Ideas for This Month

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3 min readDec 2, 2023
Photo by Albina Seyfat on Unsplash

Side projects are great for skill development, creativity, and potential career growth. Side projects can be a fun and productive way to learn new technologies and potentially create something valuable too.

Let’s think 31 ideas, one per day:

  1. Personal Blog

Develop a blog site to share your thoughts, learnings, or portfolio. Utilize technologies like Jekyll, WordPress, or build from scratch with React or Angular.

2. Budget Tracker App

Create an application to track personal finances and budgeting, using tools like React or Swift for iOS.

3. Recipe Sharing Platform

Build a platform where users can share and discover recipes. Focus on a niche, like vegan or gluten-free recipes, to stand out.

4. Local Event Finder App

Develop an app that aggregates local events from various sources and presents them based on user preferences.

5. Fitness Tracker

Create a fitness-tracking app that logs workouts, tracks progress and provides workout suggestions.

6. Language Learning App

Develop an app to help users learn new languages through interactive lessons and quizzes.

7. Meditation and Mindfulness App

Build an app focused on guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and tracking mood or stress levels.

8. Home Automation System

Dive into IoT and create a system to automate and control home devices.

9. Virtual Book Club Website

Create a platform for book enthusiasts to discuss and review books, and organize virtual meet-ups.

10. E-commerce Site

Start an online store focusing on a specific niche market, using platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce.

11. Custom CMS

Challenge yourself to build a content management system tailored to specific needs or industries.

12. Educational Game for Kids

Develop an educational game targeting skills like math, science, or programming.