A Great Python Tutorial on YouTube

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2 min readFeb 16, 2024

12 Hours of Python for Beginners

Photo by Clément Hélardot on Unsplash

Python is programming language renowned for its simplicity and power and can be both exhilarating and daunting.

Whether you’re a complete novice dreaming of writing your first line of code or a seasoned programmer looking to deepen your expertise, the vast ocean of resources available can often feel overwhelming.

This is where this comprehensive 12-hour YouTube Python tutorial comes into play, a beacon of clarity designed to guide you through the intricacies of Python programming with ease and confidence.

Over the span of 12 hours, it delves deep into the core concepts of Python, covering everything from the basics like variables, data types, and control structures, to more advanced topics such as object-oriented programming, web scraping, and data analysis.

The approach is hands-on, with real-world examples and exercises designed to reinforce each concept and encourage practical application.

Whether you’re looking to start a career in tech, automate tasks, or simply expand your skill set, this tutorial is your gateway to becoming proficient in Python.

By the end of these 12 hours, you will have gained not only a solid foundation in Python programming but also the confidence to tackle more complex…